Design Ideas Competition


Access for All footbridge, Southampton Airport Parkway [Image: Network Rail]


This web page features representative publicity images for the eighteen [x18] schemes that were long-listed for the Network Rail Footbridge Design Ideas Competition in addition to the Winning and Highly Commended design submissions. Schemes are illustrated in sequential order of the Unique Registration Number issued to participants to maintain anonymity during the adjudication process.

Network Rail and the Adjudication Panels were extremely impressed by the level of interest expressed in the project, the general high quality of the submission material and the breadth of approaches and interesting ideas developed in response to the challenges set by the Competition Brief. The design propositions included a strong set of themes for consideration and some provocative approaches, which in their different ways, challenged the means of providing safe and accessible passage across the railway.

Luca Poian Forms, UK with Soluxn Ltd

Ultralightweight Carbon Fibre Footbridge
A clear expression of structural form and newness that explores the efficient use of material and the potential of new carbon fibre composite technology.

Weston Williamson + Partners, UK with AKT II Ltd

Winding Bridge
A distinctive aesthetic that explores the potential of lightweight low-maintenance fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) and filament winding technologies to form standardised elements of structure and enclosure.

Atkins Architecture, UK

One Journey
A strong expression of a new form of crossing accessible to all, proposing how a single sweep of steps could be integrated with potential new pod lifting technology to unify the experience for different users.

PHASE3 Architecture + Design, UK with AKT II Ltd

Exquisite Express
A playful strategic approach that proposes how a catalogue of bridge elements in a diverse range of aesthetics can be combined to create great variety beyond function to suit different contexts.

Miguel Costa, Andy Fisher, Melanie Davison, Priscille Rodriguez & Jan Verhagen

The Tortoise and The Hare
Challenging the presumption of the need for speed this scheme focusses on people's experience, proposing a place for a slower pace where people can linger as an alternative to the more direct crossing.

CF.Architects, UK with Cake Industries

Unity from Utility
A strong sculptural form based on a glass-fibre reinforced polymer (GRP) composite structure that unifies stairs and bridge while providing generous spaces for passengers.

Softroom, UK with Eckersley O'Callaghan and Inverse Lighting

A simple, slim and elegant evolution of current footbridges that appropriately combines a range of different materials to create a spacious and uncluttered experience for passengers.

[Y/N] Studio, UK

A Bridge with a View
Using a simple aesthetic based in traditional forms and materials, the proposal unifies bridge, stairs and lift into a single building and provides generous space for people to enjoy waiting.

Xing Design Studio, People's Republic of China

The Ring
A bold proposal for a dramatic hoop form that integrates a double sweep of stairs with a potential continuous travellator/pod movement system, providing an innovative direct form of access for all.

Pelizziarchitettura, Italy

Bridge to Fit
A simple and well-scaled modular system with a clear structural logic offering a potentially elegant range of material options for enclosure to suit different contexts.

Squire and Partners, UK

Velox Bridge
A primarily aesthetic proposition offering an elegant and light material treatment of a conventional bridge structure, with screens and translucent panels to produce a blurring of appearance analogous to speed.

Marks Barfield Architects, UK with COWI

Bold freeform sculptural forms using a refined kit of parts with large factory-moulded fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) structural components complemented by glass/steel enclosure.

Sweco Architects, Sweden with Sweco Civil and Sweco Structures

Interesting exploration of the potential for timber on railways, utilising sustainably-sourced laminated timber deck elements and frames in areas where passengers could enjoy the qualities of timber.

Method Architecture, UK

An evolution of conventional footbridge designs, using a pared-down catalogue of steel, glass and PTFE fabric components to create a lightweight and open experience.

Kashdan Brown Architects Ltd, UK

Over-bridge versus Under-bridge
A direct challenge to the presumption for crossing above the tracks, instead proposing the advantages of micro-tunnelling to minimise the height passengers need to travel and visual intrusion on platforms.



AWW, UK with Mott MacDonald

Clean Air for All Bridge
Promoting the reduction of embodied energy and carbon emissions through the use of gluelam timber structures, recycled plastic deck and with moss blanket roofs/panels to absorb particulates.

Metropolitan Studio of Architecture, Pakistan

The Rainbow Bridge
A simple aesthetic proposition to use a rainbow of colour to uplift people's everyday experience, in a way that could readily be applied to a great range of circumstances.

Fereday Pollard Architects, UK

A bold proposition to create a singular new form of crossing, integrating a continuous sweep of stairs with the potential for innovative technology to transport lift passengers in one arching movement.