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The Blue Bermondsey section of the Low Line can be regarded as starting at the junction of St James and Clement Roads. The neglected and dilapidated arches located here, are adjacent to the arches in the section now known as Spa Terminus. The immense viaduct that fills the horizon spans the entire length of the Biscuit Factory business complex and emerges to join the refurbished and flourishing Raymouth Road arches.

The arches and how they will coordinate with the Low Line vision are key topics that have been at the forefront of local planning, and Blue Bermondsey BID has canvassed input from key stakeholders to form a Local Economy Group to enable coordination between all parties, and work towards a vision in which the arches and the plans for the Low Line are intertwined.

The arches represent an opportunity for local people to be involved in shaping the uses and play a significant role in the longer-term vision for the Low Line, promoting ownership and inclusion in the history and development of these iconic structures.

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