Images of   preferred schemes

This section features Phase 2 images of the preferred scheme identified for each of the four competition sites. The authors of the preferred schemes were invited to refine their design ideas in response to feedback arising from the Judging Panel's appraisal of the Phase 1b submissions, together with demonstrating the viability of the proposals and assembly of a team to deliver the scheme. Following presentation of the refined design proposals at a clarification interview, the Judging Panel recommended that the Council consider all four schemes for future detailed design development work. Of the four schemes, the Panel expressed a preference for the Hinton Close scheme to be developed-out first, given its readiness to proceed to the planning application stage.


Hinton Close, Hollingdean

Approximate Postcode: BN1 7BS


Sutherland Hussey Harris Architects

Location of Hinton Close site  

Natal Road, Brighton

Approximate Postcode: BN2 4BN


Sutherland Hussey Harris Architects

Location of Natal Road site  

Rotherfield Crescent, Hollingbury

Approximate Postcode: BN1 8FF


Innes Associates

Location of Rotherfield Crescent site  

Frederick Street, North Laine Brighton

Approximate Postcode: BN1 4TA


Innes Associates

Location of Frederick Street site  

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