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NuGen, is a UK nuclear company, and a joint venture between Toshiba and Engie. NuGen combines the strengths of its two parent companies – two strong multinational companies with reputations for operational and engineering excellence, combined with comprehensive experience and expertise in the energy sector and over 350,000 employees worldwide.

NuGen's nuclear reactor technology provider is Westinghouse Electric Company, a group company of Toshiba, and a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies to utilities throughout the world. Westinghouse technology is the basis for approximately one-half of the world's operating nuclear plants, including more than 50 percent of those in Europe.

The Moorside Project encompasses both the proposed Moorside Power Station and also the supporting associated development, comprising both temporary and permanent works, referred to in this document as ‘Associated Development’. This 'Associated Development' is required for the Moorside Power Station's construction and operation, and will take place on land both at the site and at other 'off-site' locations. The supporting 'Associated Development', some of which will be in locations away from the site, includes transport infrastructure improvements, construction worker accommodation and related facilities, and transport and logistics centres.

The development will include three Westinghouse AP1000® reactors, supporting cooling infrastructure, fuel and waste storage facilities, offices, training facilities, a visitor centre and other ancillary buildings, electricity transmission infrastructure, earthworks and landscaping, a marine off loading facility and access and transport arrangements.

For temporary 'Associated Development' required by NuGen during the construction phase, but not during the operation phase, NuGen will seek to encourage the potential for alternative permanent uses for the land, infrastructure and buildings as appropriate. This will form part of a 'Legacy Benefits Strategy' which NuGen will prepare, with the aim of providing lasting benefits for the local community where possible.

The project will also utilise existing facilities and businesses to support the project, but which are not currently anticipated to require new build development by NuGen. For these existing facilities, NuGen or their contractors and suppliers, will enter into any necessary commercial and funding arrangements for use of facilities, and including potentially expanded services.

In addition, the construction is anticipated to generate up to 21,000 jobs in total throughout the UK. During construction, the peak years will have around 6,000 people employed at the site. During operation, the Moorside Project will directly employ over 1,000 people for around 60-years with additional employment in the decommissioning phase. NuGen will seek to maximise the opportunities for local jobs, resulting directly and indirectly from the Moorside Project during construction and operation. The large increase in expenditure locally will also have benefits for local businesses, services and the Cumbrian economy in general.

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