Gasholder Bases

Gasholder Bases

Ideas Competition



Competition Client

The competition client is National Grid. The competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions to whom all queries relating to the competition should be addressed.

Evaluation Panel

The Evaluation Panel (which may be subject to change) is expected to comprise:

Richard Alden National Grid (Chair of the Panel) Head of National Grid Property
Russ Davenport Faulkner Browns, RIBA Adviser
Matt Pearce National Grid – Operations Programme Manager
Laura Watson National Grid – Gasholder Demolition Manager
Charlie Connoly National Grid – Real Estate Programme Manager
Allen Murray Advisian – Director of Engineering
Tom Parker Argentum Fox Ltd – Director
*Joanne Wallis RIBA Competitions (observer only)

In the event of an Evaluation Panel member being unable to continue to act through illness or any other cause, National Grid, in consultation with the RIBA, reserves the right to appoint an alternative Panel member.

* Joanne Wallis from RIBA Competitions will attend the assessments to document the competition process and provide procedural support.


Questions relating to the competition Brief and conditions must be submitted to RIBA Competitions at before close of business on Tuesday 12 September 2017. A statement in response to all questions raised will be emailed to registered entrants by Tuesday 19 September 2017.


All Phase 1 submissions will be evaluated anonymously, via use of the Unique Registration Number (URN) issued at the time of registration. The URN should be prominently displayed on each of the design submission sheets, report and declaration form. Please refer to the section How to Register to obtain a URN. Any submission that has identifying marks (including logos, text, insignia, or images that could be used to identify the submission's authors) will be automatically disqualified.


Submissions shall be excluded from the Competition:

  • If an Entrant shall disclose his or her identity, or improperly attempt to influence the decision;
  • If received after the latest time stated under Phase 1 Submission Method;
  • If, in the opinion of the Evaluation Panel, it does not fulfil the requirements of the Competition Brief;
  • If any of the mandatory requirements of the Competition Brief and Conditions are disregarded.

Online Gallery

An online gallery of all entries will be showcased at the conclusion of the competition. Further details will be issued to competitors in due course.

Notification of Result / Publicity

The competition results will be published after all competitors have been notified. Please note that any requests for feedback should be submitted to RIBA Competitions within one calendar month of a shortlist, or a result being announced.

Entrants must not release their designs for publication to any 3rd parties until after the shortlist or result has been officially announced and permission has been granted from the RIBA and National Grid. Entrants should note that by entering the competition they are expected to honour the request for confidentiality to prevent information of the shortlist or the winning team being leaked to the Press before any official announcement is made.

The RIBA reserve the right to publicise the competition, any design submission, and the result in any promotional activity, including all social media channels, they consider fit. Illustrations of any design – either separately, or together with other designs, with or without explanatory text – may be used without cost. Once anonymity has been lifted, authors will be credited and recognised in all associated media and publicity. This information will be taken from the declaration form so please ensure the details are accurate.


It is intended that five entrants will be selected to proceed to the second phase. Each shortlisted entrant who submits a phase 2 entry will each receive an honorarium of £3,000 +VAT. The winner will receive an additional £4,000 +VAT and there may be an additional payment of £1,000 +VAT for a highly commended scheme. National Grid undertakes to pay these honoraria payments within six weeks of the conclusion of the competition. Invoices for payment should be submitted to RIBA Competitions.


The ownership of copyright will be in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 – i.e. Copyright rests with the author of the submitted design.

Post competition

The role of RIBA Competitions is limited to the administration and management of the competition process. The RIBA will have no further role once the winner has been selected and entrants notified.


The competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions on behalf of National Grid.

Members of the evaluation panel, National Grid or the RIBA Adviser should not be contacted for information as this may lead to disqualification from the competition.

Competition Contact

The competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions on behalf of National Grid. All enquiries relating to the competition should be directed to:

  0113 203 1490