Broadway Malyan

A Place In Time

We know Birmingham and this square so well.

We know its past history and we know its future should be bright.

We love this city and its people.

We recognise a huge opportunity for World Class Birmingham.

Our proposal is multi-layered but underpinning our concept is a time-line that celebrates both Birmingham's rich heritage and exciting future and reinvents this historic square to cement Birmingham's status on the international stage.

We picture the "Far Green Future" - The responsibility the City has in transforming itself, in a sustainable way for future generations. So we imagine a 'Place for Play and Sustainable Knowledge', and legacy urban woodland planted by the children of Birmingham.

We see the "Latest Urban Present" - Central to the square is a 'Place for Now!' We create a grand gesture of water, fountains, lighting, data, events, vibrancy, to partner the new City Library. A flexible space and a place of visual delight and excitement.

We respect the "Long Historical Past" - The Hall of Memories becomes the focal point as a 'Place for Retreat'. This is a destination for contemplation, to meet with friends and pause a little, away from the noise of the city.

This square will become a place for the people of Birmingham, a space truly accessible and relevant to all. The World Class Square that Birmingham deserves.

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