Barton Willmore

Our proposal takes as its starting point the people of Birmingham.

Our intention is to design a space that enhances the lives of the people who use the place whether they simply pass through it every day or visit once a year for the Christmas Market. Our design creates three linked spaces within the square. Each space will have a distinct feel and function. We have called these three spaces Gather, Play and Contemplate.

The main space is a simple paved place which allows you, the residents of Birmingham, to gather to celebrate, protest or experience a wide range of events.

The second play space builds on the fun created by the library. We believe that new public spaces should not be stuffy formal places but places you visit to enjoy and engage with, whatever your age. At the heart of this space is a water feature which can be controlled by you via a phone app. This is not just a water feature for looking at but one you are encouraged to play in. Members of our team have recently built a water feature just like this in London which is now incredibly popular as a destination in its own right.

The third space is a calmer one surrounding the existing Hall of Memory as a place to contemplate. This will be a richly green and lush place, a space for sitting with friends, reading a book or just relaxing during a lunch break.

We hope you enjoy looking at our ideas.

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