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Centenary Square will become a vibrant cultural place alive with activity, reflecting the cultural richness of its context and the diversity of Birmingham; a place at the heart of the city; integral to the pattern of streets and squares; and essential to the lifeblood of the Birmingham.

The contemporary design harnesses this ambition and illustrates how history has shaped the square, from Baskerville House and the Hall of Memory to the visually striking Library of Birmingham but also, significantly, the journey from rural tranquillity to the industrial canal-side landscape of the nineteenth century. This story is depicted throughout the square, unfolding in one hundred interventions of words and images.

This is also a place for today and tomorrow; a place to play and pause by water fountains; relax in the shade of the golden trees in the Grove; pay respect in the Hall of Memory to those lost in conflict; relax on the lawns by the reflection pools; or just stroll through the square along Centenary Walk.

One of our key ambitions has been to create a special place that complements and brings together the richness of architecture that frames the square - not only now but in the future developments of Arena Central and Paradise Circus.

It is vital that this important pedestrian space is a simple and flexible canvas for the life of the city - an environment that is enjoyed at ground level and admired from above; providing a rich sense of place and positive human scale.

The design has been developed to fit within the challenges of the budget and practicalities of realistic delivery; and detailed with a palette of high quality robust materials to prolong the life of the vision.

One square, one place, linking old and new, a cultural canvas for the people of Birmingham and their visitors for the next century and beyond.

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