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Invited Design Competition


The University of Warwick is seeking expressions of interest from Architect-led multidisciplinary design teams for the design of a new building to host the Faculty of Arts. Known as the 'Faculty of Arts Development', it will be home to a globally leading centre for research and teaching in arts and humanities subjects. To achieve the University's high aspirations for the development, we are calling for partners from the very best that the design community has to offer and as such have asked RIBA Competitions to assist in this process.

The University of Warwick's main campus is located on the south-west fringe of Coventry on the border with Warwickshire, just 30 minutes by train to Birmingham and one hour to London. The site for the Faculty of Arts Development lies at the heart of this vibrant campus in a prominent, strategically important location. It is close to key buildings including the Library, the Students' Union, the Social Sciences Building, Warwick Arts Centre and the recently completed Teaching & Learning Building.

The Faculty of Arts at Warwick is one of the World's top 50 Arts and Humanities faculties. It is made up of eight departments currently housed in the existing Humanities Building and spilling into another academic building: Milburn House. The new building will reunite these departments, fulfilling one of the Faculty's primary objectives. With this, it will contribute significantly to the enhancement of the Central Campus, provide an architecturally outstanding environment which demonstrates the Faculty of Art's ambitions and become a destination for our global community of students, academics and visitors.


The competition process will be held in two phases:

Phase 1 – Pre-Qualification:
Expression of Interest with Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Phase 2 – Design Concept:
Submission of design concepts in response to an outline brief

Download the Briefing Paper

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The University of Warwick wishes to appoint an innovative and insightful team with exceptional creative skills to design the Faculty of Arts Development. This team will readily express an understanding of our primary objectives:



To create a building that showcases the Faculty of Arts' contribution to world-leading research and teaching at the University of Warwick, re-unites all the departments in the Faculty, attracts the best students and staff, and enhances the experience of our staff, undergraduates and postgraduates.



To establish a progressive and absorbing environment with zones and flexible spaces that allow collaboration, creativity and innovation to flourish through teaching and research which will produce benefits for the world's knowledge, for the nation's economy, and for our society's cultural life.



To deliver a place that acts as a hub for public engagement in the humanities and creative arts across the University, nurturing cultural value and creating partnerships at the regional, national and international level.



To provide varied spaces which will encourage a diverse range of quiet and social activities. They will be multi-functional and dynamic in nature, helping to create, foster and develop collaboration, engagement, and new initiatives.


Competition Programme

Key dates, which may be subject to alteration, are as follows:
UPDATED: December 2016

Competition Launched 27 September 2016
Deadline for questions relating to the PQQ 18 October 2016
Response to questions relating to the PQQ 20 October 2016
Deadline for PQQ returns 27 October 2016
Panel meet to select shortlist 07 December 2016
Shortlist notified & design brief issued 09 December 2016
Site visit and briefing session 15 December 2016
Deadline for questions relating to the Brief 26 January 2017
Submission of tenders (design concepts) 02 February 2017
Final interviews / presentations to the Judging Panel 13 February 2017
Notification of results 16 February 2017
Public announcement of result End February 2017

Participation & Registration

In order to be considered for the project, the suitably qualified architectural practice leading the design team must return a duly completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaire available from the University's e-tendering portal, In Tend. To access the portal please complete either of the following:


If you are already registered on in-tend please ensure that your details are current and up to date; you may add individuals to receive in-tend correspondence, note: If you do add individuals please ensure that they are provided with log in details.


If you are not registered on in-tend please follow the link:


Registration is a simple process and free of charge. Please use an email that will be monitored in a person's absence or add any relevant individuals. These will receive in-tend correspondence. There is no limit to the number of individuals. Provide log in details to all individuals listed in your supplier registration.