Salford House 4 Life

Winning Scheme


White Arkitekter with Great Places Housing Group, Northerngroup, Stockleys, AECOM and Gardiner & Theobald

The Goods and the Leadbetters – Family Housing In An Urban Context


White's winning proposal for the Salford House for Life competition is landscape lead and focuses on the creation of social and green spatial solutions for family living. The concept of community place-making is at the heart of the scheme. The proposal provides a framework for residents of the Greengate community to take pride and ownership of the shared amenities made available to them. There are no private defendable spaces outside the building line and residents are encouraged to plant, harvest and occupy the shared green spaces as they would their own garden.


Keith Boxer, Director Innovation and Sustainability, White Arkitekter commented "We are delighted to bring White's innovative Scandinavian approach to the design of a new model for family housing in the heart of this great city. As architects we have a crucial role in developing the sustainable environment of the future; the Salford House 4 Life competition is an important step in making that vision a reality."


The proposal combines three house types and three apartment types to accommodate a diverse community of all ages. All accommodation benefits from private garden/recreation or play space as well as extensive shared amenity space. Accommodation is arranged in blocks varying in height from 2.5 - 5 storeys blocks. The buildings will be brick with glazed balconies/terraces.


Catherine Burd, RIBA Adviser said "The judges were all extremely impressed by all three shortlisted entries. In the end, the clarity of White's landscape-led approach emerged as a clear winner. The scheme, which builds on a Scandinavian model of family apartments and flexible tenancies, provides all households with views and access to a range of imaginatively landscaped private and shared garden spaces, within a simple and robust urban footprint."


The perimeter arrangement of each block creates a walled garden at the centre, which is accessible to all Greengate community residents. These gardens are conceived as three very different architypes which refer to familiar landscapes – urban, agricultural and rural - and each have a different character promoting active and passive approaches to healthy living.


1. The Pitch combines parking facilities with an area to play ball sports and raised planting beds for vegetable growing.


2. The Copse combines woodland planting as a habitat for birds and insects with a running track to promote fitness.


3. The Orchard combines blossoming fruit trees for communal harvesting and greenhouses for cultivating flowers and seasonal plants and a grass court for tennis and picnics.


The main 'Street' or boulevard, which bisects the development, is treated as a key public space. It is tree lined and terminates with a simple square and copse of trees. There are no residential units at street level along the boulevard – these spaces are reserved for commercial use and social spaces.


John Merry CBE, Leader of Salford City Council, said: "This housing will be different to anything we have seen in Salford before. It will be exciting to watch the scheme take shape over the coming months and years, bringing innovative and sustainable housing into the city for our residents to enjoy."


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