Salford House 4 Life

Stage 2 - Shortlisted Schemes


Cazenove Architects with Grontmij Group Ltd, Cyril Sweett, Contour Housing Group, Godliman & Watson Homes and Max Fordham

The Bolt Works Quarter


The development will be integrated seamlessly into the surrounding fabric and byways of the city. The Quarter will be distinct but integrated. It will be a home for Salford citizens and a place of destination, where houses, small businesses, places for work and play sit side by side to create an active colourful and animated street life and community neighbourhood.

The design of the buildings, infrastructure and landscape of the Bolt Works Quarter is a modern response to the street layout and terraced housing that characterised this historic area of Salford. The high density mixed use typology is balanced through integration with layers of urban landscaping from the ginnel to the boulevard. At the centre of the development site are three civic spaces, the Fields (health), the Forum (wealth) and the Playspace (happiness). The design aesthetic recalls Salfords industrial redbrick heritage and medieval street patterns but is also a contemporary response to passifhaus standards and necessity for low energy buildings that harvest water and sun.

The envelope and fabric of the development is purposeless without the community and organisational software to manage the development. Our proposal envisages a Development Trust or similar not for profit organisation being set up as the core of the community. Constituted at an early stage the Trust will give resident members of the community ownership and an active role in the development from the start, encouraging enterprise creativity and community action as a core ethos. The Trust will encourage both community and economic enterprise, developed by its constituent members and partners. It will allow a community to gather, own and develop its own neighbourhood with a sense of purpose. The Trust will create the organisational model that will allow the Quarter to have mixed tenancies and tenure types; it will oversee the collection and distribution of energy, property maintenance, run a car club and run the allotment club.


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Ian Simpson Architects & Gort Scott Architects with Places for People supported by Landscape Projects, Atelier Ten & Robinson Building

Greengate City Gardens


Our ambition is to create a sustainable place: one that is lasting, distinctively characterful, and forms an integral part of, and contributes to, the surrounding city. The place should be urban in character; where "urban" is understood as valuing and engaging with city life and public realm, within a cosmopolitan, mixed, community. However, what makes this place unique to central Salford, is that it can also provide some of the advantages of a typically suburban place, including a stable community, and safe open spaces including green space.

Central to the scheme is the proposal for a permeable network of streets, where a response to contemporary dwelling types and standards nonetheless allows us to create a new kind of shared outdoor space, called the "Garden Street", inspired by a traditional 'mews' typology. We propose contemporary urban typologies that are directly descended from recognisable, traditional city fabric, and which prioritise a straightforward connection between the dwelling and the street as the primary public realm.

Through a mix of well-connected public, semi-public and private spaces, clear boundaries of ownership, the potential for a strong community, and the availability of flexible tenures, we aim to create opportunities for people to take control of their lives in this unique, central location.


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