Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Phase 1a

PQQ's should be sent via email to by no later than 14:00 on Thursday 26 July 2018.

The file should be named as follows:
‘Practice Name_PQQ.pdf’

Entries received after the deadline will not be accepted.


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PQQ.doc updated on 10 July 2018

Animal Centres of the Future

Open Design Competition

Phase 1 Submission Requirements

Phase 1a

A completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) to be submitted via email to

Phase 1b

There are three elements to the design submission, each of which should bear the Unique Registration Number (URN). Competitors should refer to the Anonymity requirements and submit the following material digitally:

  1. A maximum of 2 x landscape sheets (equivalent to A3 in PDF format only): The layout of the sheet/s is left to the discretion of the entrants, however please consider including the following:

    Concept sketches and/or diagrams: the organisation within the building and how it will accommodate the practical requirements of the RSPCA.

    How the building will relate to the required external spaces.

    The proposals should be presented in a clear and succinct manner to enable Evaluation Panel members to readily understand the essence and design drivers behind the scheme.

    The URN should be prominently displayed on the front face of each design sheet in the top right hand corner, together with the order in which the sheets should be viewed (1 of 2 etc).

    Physical architectural models will not be accepted as part of the Phase 1 submission. However images of models used to develop the design proposal may be included on the design sheet(s).

  2. A written design statement (maximum 500 words) in addition to the A3 sheets in support of the submission including:

    1. Your vision for the new building
    2. How it deals with practical issues – maintenance, security, etc.
    3. Materials, sustainability
    4. Approach to collaboration
    5. Simple cost breakdown

  3. In addition, to the pdf of the 2 no. design sheets, one visual image of the design concept should be provided for publicity purposes and the online gallery at the end of the competition. The image should be representative of the ideas proposed, be readily identifiable as such and may be additional to the images supplied on the presentation boards. The image should be submitted in JPEG format, in a low resolution (72ppi) with an image width of at least 1000px.

Phase 1 Submission Method

Phase 1a

PQQ's should be sent via email to by no later than 14:00 on Thursday 26 July 2018.

The file should be named as follows:
Practice Name_PQQ.pdf

Entries received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Phase 1b

Phase 1 design submissions should be uploaded via RIBA Competitions' digital submission portal before Wed 12 Sept 2018. Further details and a unique secure link will be issued to registered competitors.

The file name should consist of your unique registration number and item description, for example:

URN#_Board 1.pdf
URN#_Report.pdf etc.

Please note that the total upload should not exceed 20MB.

Late entries will not be accepted, and the digital entry system will not permit uploads after the 14:00 hours deadline. The digital entry system will allow you to amend or delete the information you upload up until the stipulated deadline date and time. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the system and to allow adequate time for your submission material to successfully upload.

Phase 2 Submission Method

Shortlisted teams will be provided with feedback from Phase 1 and asked to further develop their concept designs. Entrants will be required to demonstrate, as far as possible, the deliverability and viability of their design, their approach to collaboration and invited to attend a clarification interview to discuss further with the Evaluation Panel.

All entries for both phases must be submitted in English.