Reimagining Market Place:
Bringing Prescot's historic commercial heart back to life

Competition Conditions


Competition Promoter

The competition client is Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council. The competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions to whom all queries relating to this competition should be addressed.



The competition is open internationally to registered architects and fully qualified Landscape Architects. Architects should be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) in the UK, or an equivalent overseas regulatory authority. Entrants should note that teams progressing to the second stage of the competition will be required to demonstrate their ability to deliver within the UK.

No member or employee of the promoting body, the evaluation panel, or any partner, close associate or employee of them is eligible to compete or assist an entrant.


Competition Format

The competition will follow the Open design competition format and will be organised in the following phases:

Phase One:
Submission of concept designs which will be assessed anonymously.

Phase Two:
A shortlist of up to five designs will be selected and teams will be invited to submit and present their developed designs to the evaluation panel.


How to Register and Enter

You may only submit an entry to the competition if you are officially registered through RIBA Competitions and in possession of a Unique Registration Number (URN). The competition is subject to a non-refundable registration and administration fee of £50+VAT. Please view the register page to make an on-line payment.

Once your payment has been processed, you will be issued with Historic Photos, Site Maps, Unique Registration Number (URN), Declaration of Authorship Form and a secure link to upload your submission within two working days.


Declaration of Authorship &
Acceptance of Competition Regulations

The declaration form acknowledges authorship of the designs, and by signing it, entrants agree to abide by the competition conditions and the decision of the Evaluation Panel as final. The completed declaration form should be uploaded to the digital entry system along with the design submission.

Please note the team members stated on the declaration form will be used as the credits in all promotional activity so please ensure this is reflected accurately.


Evaluation Panel

The Evaluation Panel (which may be subject to change) is expected to comprise:

Euan Macdonald Hawkins\Brown Architects,
RIBA Architect Adviser – Chair
Cllr David Williams Local Ward Councillor and
Prescot THI Board member
John Flaherty Executive Director (Place), KMBC,
Prescot Programme Team Chair
TBC Shakespeare North Trust
Edward Perry Director of Operations (Knowsley Hall and Safari Park),
Chair of Knowsley Visitor Economy Network,
Prescot THI Board Member
Philip Lamb Managing Director,
Geraud Group (owners of Prescot Shopping Centre)
Owen Barton Prescot THI Officer

Advisers to the panel will be:

  • Environmental Sustainability Service Officer (Management and maintenance of the space)
  • Quantity Surveyor

RIBA Competitions representatives will attend the assessments to document the competition process and provide procedural support as an observer only.

In the event of an Evaluation Panel member being unable to continue to act through illness or any other cause, Knowsley MBC, in consultation with the RIBA, reserves the right to appoint an alternative Panel member.


Competition Timetable

The anticipated programme, which may be subject to variation, is as follows:

Official Competition Launch Wednesday 10 May 2017
Deadline for Questions Thursday 18 May 2017
Response to Questions issued Tuesday 23 May 2017
Deadline for Phase 1 Design Proposals Thursday 8 June 2017 by 14.00hrs
Selection of shortlist with Evaluation Panel w/c 12 June 2017
Shortlist notified & Phase 2 brief issued Friday 16 June 2017 at the latest
Group site visit and briefing session Monday 19 June 2017
Deadline for Phase 2 Designs Thursday 20 July 2017
Public exhibition w/c 24 July 2017
Final interviews and presentation to Panel w/c 07 August 2017
Notification and result announced August 2017



Questions relating to the Competition Brief and Conditions must be submitted to RIBA Competitions at before close of business on Thursday 18 May 2017. A statement in response to all questions raised will be emailed to registered entrants by Tuesday 23 May 2017.



All Phase 1 submissions will be evaluated anonymously, via use of the Unique Registration Number (URN) issued at the time of registration. The URN should be prominently displayed on each of the design submission sheets, report and declaration form. Please refer to the section How to Register to obtain a URN.

Any submission that has identifying marks (including logos, text, insignia, or images that could be used to identify the submission's authors) will be automatically disqualified.



Submissions shall be excluded from the competition:

  • If, a entrant shall disclose his or her identity, or improperly attempt to influence the decision;
  • If, received after the latest time stated under Phase 1 Submission Method;
  • If, in the opinion of the Evaluation Panel, it does not fulfil the requirements of the Competition Brief;
  • If, any of the mandatory requirements of the Competition Brief and Conditions are disregarded.


Phase 1 Submission Requirements

There are five elements to the design submission, each of which should bear the Unique Registration Number (URN) only. Entrants should refer to the Anonymity requirements and submit the following material digitally:

A maximum of 2 x landscape sheets (equivalent to A3 in PDF format only) to comprise:

  • A site plan
  • A night and day view of Market Place
  • A Vista photo using the downloadable image which includes the church in the background

The proposals should be presented in a clear and succinct manner to enable Evaluation Panel members to readily understand the essence and design drivers behind the scheme.

The URN should be prominently displayed on the front face of each design sheet in the top right hand corner, together with the order in which the sheets should be viewed (1 of 2 etc).

Physical architectural models will not be accepted as part of the Phase 1 submission. However images of models used to develop the design proposal may be included on the design sheet(s).

A written design statement in PDF format

Maximum 500 words in support of the submission including:

  • Your vision for Market Place
  • How it interprets and engages with the context of the site

A simple cost breakdown in PDF format

To show the design can be delivered to the stated £495,000 budget, to include the items stated under the Budget heading in the brief.

Declaration Form in PDF format

A completed declaration form which should bear the URN in the dedicated section on the form. Please note the team members stated on the declaration form will be used as the credits in all promotional activity so please ensure this is reflected accurately

Visual Image

In addition, to the pdf of the design sheets, one visual image of the design concept should be provided for publicity purposes (this will also be used in the online gallery of all entries at the end of the competition). The image should be representative of the ideas proposed, and be readily identifiable. The image should be submitted in JPEG format, in a low resolution (72ppi) with an image width of at least 1000px


Phase 1 Submission Method

Each phase 1 design submission should be uploaded to the RIBA Competitions digital entry system before 2.00pm on Thursday 8 June 2017. Further details and a unique secure link will be issued to registered entrants.

Please note that the total upload should not exceed 20MB.

Late entries will not be accepted and the digital entry system will not permit uploads after the 2pm deadline. The digital entry system will allow you to amend or delete the information you upload up until the stipulated deadline date and time. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the system and to allow adequate time for your submission material to successfully upload.


Phase 2

Further briefing information will be provided to the five shortlisted teams prior to a group briefing session and site visit. Shortlisted teams will be provided with feedback from Phase 1 and asked to further develop their concept designs. Entrants will be required to demonstrate the deliverability and viability of their design and invited to attend an interview to discuss further with the Evaluation Panel.

All entries for both phases must be submitted in English.


Evaluation Criteria

Phase 1
  • Quality of the design 30%
  • Response to the brief, context, site opportunities, budget and constraints 50%
  • Clarity of presentation 20%

Phase 2
  • Quality — 70% comprising:
    • Design interpretation 25%
    • Viability of the submission 20%
    • Ability to deliver the project 25%
  • Price 30%


Notification of Result / Publicity

The competition results will be published after all entrants have been notified. Please note that any requests for feedback should be submitted to RIBA Competitions within one calendar month of a shortlist, or a result being announced.

Entrants must not release their designs for publication to any 3rd parties until after the shortlist or result has been officially announced and permission has been granted from the RIBA. Entrants should note that by entering the competition they are expected to honour the request for confidentiality to prevent information of the shortlist or the winning team being leaked to the Press before any official announcement is made.

The RIBA reserve the right to publicise the competition, any design submission, and the result in any promotional activity, including all social media channels, they consider fit. Illustrations of any design - either separately, or together with other designs, with or without explanatory text - may be used without cost. Once anonymity has been lifted, authors will be credited and recognised in all associated media and publicity. This information will be taken from the declaration form so please ensure the details are accurate.



An online exhibition gallery of all entries will be produced at the end of the competition to showcase the full range of design entries received, with each entrant acknowledged and anonymity lifted. Additional images, space and text will be given to the shortlisted teams.



It is intended that five teams will be selected to proceed to the second phase. Each shortlisted team who submits a phase 2 entry and attends an interview will each receive an honorarium of £4,000 +VAT. Knowsley MBC undertakes to pay the honorarium within six weeks of the conclusion of the competition. Invoices for payment should be submitted to RIBA Competitions.



The ownership of Copyright will be in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, that is Copyright rests with the author of the submitted design.


Post competition

The role of RIBA Competitions is limited to the administration and management of the competition process. The RIBA will have no further role once the winner has been selected and entrants notified.



The architectural competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions on behalf of Knowsley MBC.

All enquiries relating to this competition should be directed to:

  0113 203 1490

Knowsley MBC, the RIBA Adviser, or any other members of the evaluation panel should not be contacted for information as this may lead to disqualification from the competition.


Competition Contact

The competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions on behalf of Knowsley MBC. All enquiries relating to the competition should be directed to:

  0113 203 1490