Invited Design Competition

A new, integrated eye care, research and education facility

For Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Charity.


This design brief has been prepared for the purposes of procuring a multi-disciplinary design team for the provision of architectural design and related services for a proposed new joint eye care, research and education facility for Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

This is a joint venture between:

  • Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Moorfields)
  • University College London (UCL)
  • Moorfields Eye Charity (MEC)

The selection process will be organised over the following phases:

Phase 1

Selection Questionnaires (SQ) are invited from design led teams. Complete design teams are required including structural, mechanical, electrical, and so on.

The Partners will be appointing their own external project manager and cost consultants to support the project team.

Using the “Criteria for Selection”, a shortlist of up to five teams will be selected and invited to the design phase of the competition.

Phase 2

During the competition period mid-competition workshops will be held by Partners at the lead design consultancy's offices.

The Client hopes that all shortlisted participants will take part in subsequent stages of the process. However, the Client reserves the right to reduce the number of solutions to be discussed via the application of the appropriate Award Criteria.

Phase 3

Remaining Participants will be asked to submit Final Tenders and design concepts based on the solutions presented and specified during the negotiation Phase.

Final assessment will involve a presentation and interview with each shortlisted team to the Evaluation Panel comprising advisers and senior representatives from the Partners.

Our vision for a new building

Moorfields and UCL IoO have a long heritage of expertise in eye care, research and education. We are known as industry leaders both nationally and internationally. Looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities of a changing world, we need to both build on our past and adapt for the future so we can continue to be relevant for our patients.

We will create an environment for innovation to flourish, inspiring improvements in people's sight

‘We will create an environment’

means we will develop a brand new facility to enable us to deliver our objectives


means the design will encourage collaboration between clinicians and researchers to enable greater innovation in delivering care, research and education

‘Inspiring improvement’

means we will harness the collective power of our staff, students and patients to improve people's sight

Outline Competition Programme

The timetable which may be subject to alteration is as follows:

Activity Estimated Date (2018)
Brief & SQ available 07 June
Latest date for queries relating to the SQ 21 June
Deadline for receipt of SQ returns 13 July (14:00)
Evaluation of SQ returns 30 July
Shortlisted teams notified w/c 06 August
Invitation to Participate in Negotiation (ITPN)
Issue of ITPN & design brief to shortlisted teams 13 August
Site visit & open briefing session for shortlisted teams 22 August
First round of design approach workshop meetings w/c 03 September
Second round of design approach workshop meetings w/c 17 September
Latest dates for general clarification queries relating to the ITPN 24 September
Issue of Memorandum in response to general clarification queries 26 September
Invitation to Submit Final Tenders (ITSFT)
Issue of ITSFT 05 October
Deadline for general clarification queries in relation to the ITSFT 10 October
Issue of Memorandum in response to general clarification queries 15 October
Deadline for submission of Final Tenders (with design concepts) 29 October
Tender evaluation commences w/c 29 October
Clarification interviews & presentations w/c 19 November
Issue of Intention to Award Contract 23 November
Standstill period 10 days
Confirmation of Contract Award 07 December
Public announcement of result w/c 10 December

The Timetable is indicative only and we reserve the right to change it at its discretion. You will be notified of any changes made to the timetable.


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The following documents will be made available to Candidates on submission of the online request form below and checking of the relevant box confirming that the Candidate agrees to treat the supplied information in the strictest confidence:

  • Editable (Word version) of the SQ
  • Draft PDF version of ITPN